Think Smart Factory 2019: Experience the future.

From 11 to 13 November 2019, the first Think Smart Factory event will take place in Kyoto, Japan. The target group of the international event are future-oriented print service providers who want to fully automate their processes.

TSF19 was initiated by a consortium of leading Japanese manufacturers who want to promote the Smart Factory concept in the printing industry. The consortium includes Canon, Fujifilm, goof, Horizon, HP, JSpirits, Konica Minolta, Resologic, Ricoh, Screen and Value Machine. The event is organized by Horizon International Inc. at the Miyako Messe in Kyoto.

Smart Factory concept.

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is spread throughout our lives with many things being networked together. The printing industry is no exception and the IoT is playing an important role in day-to-day business. The printing industry is looking for solutions that not only save labor through automation, but also connect individual systems to form networks.

At IGAS 2018, Japan's leading trade fair for the printing industry, nine market-leading companies gathered for the first time in a Smart Factory Zone at the Horizon booth. Industry innovators shared their knowledge in keynotes and presentations with the visitors and received good feedback. This successful concept led to the idea of setting up Think Smart Factory 2019 in Kyoto as a separate event for integrated print production to promote the future success of the printing industry. In addition to the TSF19 consortium, the event is also supported by innovative users.

Fully automated workflow.

At TSF19, each system in the hall will be connected via a digital workflow. An automatic transport system and robots for in-feeding and off-loading will be incorporated to demonstrate a fully automated Smart Factory operation.

On an area of 4,000 m2, the fully automated workflow up to the transport of the finished product will be demonstrated. Horizon's solutions will be used for the finishing process and will be integrated from order entry to delivery. The focus will be on digital technologies that guarantee a high degree of automation while maintaining high process and product quality.

Joint presentation.

In the Smart Factory auditorium international users will report in keynotes and lectures about their challenges and solutions several times a day.

Ten vendors are currently committed to participate in TSF19, including Canon, Fujifilm, goof, Horizon, HP, JSpirits, Konica Minolta, Resologic, Ricoh and Screen. From the users‘ side, Nissha Printing Communications and New Book are participating. The concept of the exhibition is unique: There will be no individual booths in Kyoto, as is usually the case at trade fairs. Instead, the participating companies will set up joint production lines across the entire area to demonstrate the Smart Factory live to visitors.

Further details about the fair will soon be available at